Monday, January 30, 2017

Experiment #4

Pitter Patter

June 13th, 2009
Today everything changed. I thought it was going to be a perfect, warm and sunny day but who knew that a cloud would hang over my head from this day on.
“Somebody help me! Please anyone! Help!” 
I continued to scream as i ran down the street headed straight for the hospital. How could this happen? The doctors said we had years with him left and here he is lying here motionless in the stroller. 
All i could think about is how i didn’t even want him in my life 13 months ago. I hated even the idea of him and now he has become my world. What would my parents think? Are they going to blame me for this? I  only took my eyes off of him for a minute.
“Help me please!” I scream a last time as I approached the hospital doors and nurses came flying to my side. 
I was asked what happened and could barely stutter a complete sentence out. My body had gone into shock.
The nurses and doctors carried my brother away as I sunk to the ground in fear they might not be able to do anything to help him. 

My parents arrived only minutes after they took Ethan away and we weren’t getting any answers. They kept asking me what happened and all I could say was, “He wasn’t breathing so I ran. I ran as fast as I could but I wasn’t fast enough, I’m sorry....I'm so sorry.” 


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Description of a Boy

His biggest wish if for a writer to write about him.
To write about how his eyes light up when he smiles or the way his laugh is low but only comes around when he truly thinks something is funny.
He might be shy and awkward but that's what makes you wonder if you're not good enough.
This is what makes you so much more intrigued.
He doesn't let you in because he's been hurt too many times.
All he is looking for in life is happiness.
He wants joy and light, love and someone to care for him the way he cares for each individual he knows.
He only has one flaw.
He picks away at himself till he can't find any light in the dark but his strength and persistence push him forward.
There is a part of him that knows he will be okay despite what the world or his mind have told him.
This is his triumph.
This is the thing that makes him seem so tall, despite his actual height.
Not only are his emotional qualities amazing but the perks of his physical appearance only heighten the appeal.
His eyes are his best feature.
He thinks they're just brown like every other pair of brown eyes but what he misses is what everyone else sees.
They see the crinkles in the corners of his eyes when he smiles or how in the sun its as if they turn into pools of endless Carmel swirling around and constantly changing hues when the light shirts.
Or how his hands are so strong they feel like they could hold the entire universe in them and not waver.
However, when he touches you it's like you've never felt anything softer.
He's gentle and careful as to make sure he doesn't make any wrong moves.
With every touch he makes he's searching your eyes to make sure you're okay.
When he holds you it feels as if nothing could hurt you.
His arms create a strong barrier and you feel safe and calm.
His hair is so soft as you run your fingers through it, until he thinks you're ruining its perfect look.

A writer could go on and on about him with their words but they could never amount to emotions that are felt when they are truly uncovering the real him.

-Excerpt of they way I actually feel


It's the way your heart skips when he walks unto a room.
Or the way his scent fills your lungs as he walks by.
It's the little things about him that keep you up till dawn.
You cry yourself to sleep at night because he's so far away but you can feel him as if he were a ghost laying right next to you in bed.
He's the boy who you can't imagine your life without.
Whether you've known him your whole life or only for a day.
It's him.
It's the way his eyes light up when he laughs or how his smile grows as he sees her.
The girl that is not you.
The one with the perfect hair.
The girl who has everything you want because she simple has him.
He's you world.
He consumes you.
Fills you up till you feel as though you could burst.
He makes anything feel possible.
But what's impossible is for you to be his.
Because he is hers and hers alone.
You can only watch from a distance dreaming of the possibilities.
That one day you will be her to him.
But that is merely a possibility.

-Excerpt of the way I actually feel