Monday, February 13, 2017


It was in that moment when I realized it was over. I looked at you and the life had been drained from you chiseled face from a restless night. I walked up to you and you couldn’t keep eye contact. It was like staring at a ghost of the boy that once loved me. As the moments passed in silence you finally said those few simple words.

“I can’t do this anymore.”

That was it. We were done. As I walked away from you not only was I leaving you behind but I was leaving a huge part of myself in the past that I had given to you.

I lost my best friend. I lost the love of my life. 

With tears staining my cheeks I looked back only once to make sure you were feeling the same pain that I felt. I wanted to see the look on your face as you watching the parts of you, you gave to me walk away from you forever.

- excerpt of the way I actually feel


  1. I love that this is simple, but definitely portrays exactly how you feel.

  2. how sad that I am reading this on Valentine's Day???

    If this is a non-fiction poem, this ghost of a boy was a fool!

    As always, thanks for sharing these excerpts of how you feel.